Friday, October 16, 2009

Books optional subject

Books for business administration

1. Management by Horold Koontz and Heinz Weihrich
2. Marketing by William J. Stanton
3. Financial management by Fundamentals of Financial Management Van Horn

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Books for Philosophy

Sophy's World by Justein Gaarder
Political Thought by M. Judd Haarmon

Books for Muslim Law and Jurisprudence

1.Muslim Law By D.F.Mulla
2. For Jurisprudence Sir Abdur Rahim
3.Outlines of Muslim law by Asif.A.A.Fyzee (very good book)

Books for International Law

1.International by Tandon
2.International law by Agarwal
(both books cover whole of the syllabus and are very good)

Books For History Of India and Pakistan


1.Muslim Rule in Subcontinent by Ishwari Parsad

2.Muslim Rule in Subcontinent by S.M.Ikram

3.Muslim rule in India by Stanley Lanepoole.


1.Trek to Pakistan by Ahmed Saeed

2.British Raj in India by S.M.Burke

3.Formative Phase of Pakistan by Khalid-Bin-Saeed 

Books For Europeon History

1.Europe since Napoleon by David Thomson

2.European History by C.D.Hazen

3.Aspects of European History by Stephen.J.Lee

4.European History since 1789 by V.D.Mahajan

Books for Psychology

* An Introduction to Psychology by Morgan and King
* Abnormal Psychology by Neil Davisson

P.S Never go for any psychology book authored by a Pakistani, they are all copied more or less from foreign authors. Check out the paper back series in psychology available in market on reduced rates published by Penguin Group

Political Science

Paper A

For Muslim Political Thought

1) Muslim Political Thought and Institutions by S.M.Shahid

2) Political Thought in Medieval Islam by Rosenthal

Applied Mathematics

Paper 1
Mechanics book Dr g k ghouri (B Sc level)
Vector and tensor analysis by prof. nawazish ali shah (for vector analysis and briefly tensors)
Vector analysis Z R Bhatti
Schaums series Vector Analysis (surface integral + Tensors)
vector and tensor methods by charlton jeffreys

Paper 2
Advanced engineering mathmatics by Erwin kreyzig
(covers ordinary + partial differential equations + numerical analysis portion)
Numerical analysis using C++ Dr. S.A. Bhatti

for detailed review of differential equations portion
Ordinary differential equations by Easthan
partial differential equations by Sneddon


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  3. Dear can any one tell me where can i download "Trek to Pakistan" by Ahmad Saeed

    1. you can buy ...250 only