Monday, October 12, 2009

Essay - 2009 Papaer




1. The Future of Democracy in Pakistan.

2. Health is not a condition of matter, but of mind.

3. , Merits and Demerits

4. The food crisis: problems , challenges and opportunitities for Pakistan.

5. English as the Medium of Education in Pakistan.

6. The future of UNO, Hopes and Hurdles

7. There is no great genious without a mixture of madness.

8. Status of Women in Islam

9. Pakistan's War on terror and its impact on our psyche and politic.socio.economic fronts.

10. Power of Media in the Modern World.


  1. I attempted on '' There is no great genious without a mixture of madness."
    my outline was this :

    1. defining Genious

    few quotations.

    2. defining madness

    a. difference bw mad and madness

    b. debate bw normal and abnormal.

    c. social outcasts


    3. sociological perspective

    a. social confirmity. and social mirror images

    b. cause of new civilizations: "curosity" a feature of madness

    d. effect of being ostracized from society.

    e. genious break free from social belief windows.

    4. psychological perspectives

    a. basis of madness in psychology
    b. fruedian cocept of Id, ego, super-ego and conflict bew desires and neccessities
    c. stimulus variation as a cause of withdrawal from society.
    d. behaviorist scool of thought
    6. biological aspects
    a. intelligence is hereditary
    b.basis of sczphophrenia
    c. basis of manic depressives
    d. few example of manic depressive who were genious.

    5. religious aspects

    a. were Prophets deluded ?[na oz billah]
    b. religious fanatszim is madness.

    6. Few notable genious with madness

    a. socrates
    a. khalil gibran [a lots of quotes from his books and hidden lessons]

    b. albert einstein [autistic child?]

    c. rene descartes his doctrines

    d. Prophets and sages.

    e. paulo coelho.

    f. hitler's evil genious

    7. How madman changed our world.. emergence of religions , scientic achievments, new civilizations.

    8. conclusion

    I had backed my essay with fifteen to twenty quotes. mostly from works of mahatma gandi on pacifism , khalil gibran, rene descartes , socrates.

  2. Power of Media in the Modern World.

    It was very easy but a challenging paper. Easy in the sense that topics were very common. Challenging in the sense that everybody could write the same material. So a competition of quality and creative material was required. I left "Women" topic because I knew most be crammers were available in exam hall who could attempt with good mix of Ayats, Ahadis, and quotation. I left "Democracy" topic because future is uncertain. " , Merits and Demerits" very easy that could challenge me in material. "The food crisis: problems , challenges and opportunities for Pakistan" good topic worth writing. "English as the Medium of Education in Pakistan" controversial topic. "The future of UNO, Hopes and Hurdles" good topic. "Pakistan's War on terror and its impact on our psyche and politic-socio-economic fronts" hum ko terrorism sy dar lagta hy.

    I avoid literary topics (Health is not a condition of matter, but of mind.) (There is no great genius without a mixture of madness.)

    I assigned 30 minutes to three topics on the last page of the answer sheet. Jotted points on these three topics and finally selected (Power of Media in the Modern World).

    On average my paper contained 8 words per line, 28 lines per page, and total 15 pages (including 2 pages on outline). I enjoyed the paper. Let's see how the examiner assesses my paper. I will be posting my outline after my last paper.

  3. 1. The Future of Democracy in Pakistan.
    Thanks ssnaqvi for posting the paper.

    I would suggest a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis on the issue:

    Positive elements to discuss:
    - Name of the state
    - Quaid-e-Azam's quotes
    - Constitutionally agreed form of government
    - Democracy and its concept in Islam (Shura)
    - World's acceptance of democracy as the modern system
    - Support from west is somehow conditional with democracy
    - Media has grown up as a power now and it also supports democracy
    - Deep-rooted democracy in place after local government system establishment

    Negative elements:
    - Ethnic differences
    - ineptness of political leadership (as per past experience)
    - Economic progress in dictatorships
    - Corruption prevalent in democratic eras (as compared to dictatorships)
    - Foreign enemies do not want democracy to flourish
    - Feudal system hindering the true democracy to develope
    - Uneducated masses
    - Religious fanatics calling democracy anti-Islamic
    - Lack of democracy within political parties (dynastic legacies prevailing)
    - Army's superiority due to repeated Indo-Pak war hysteria

    Way forward:

    Democracy has bright future but consensus and reconciliation among politicians is needed with more enlightenment in the masses and support from media and also more sanity from Army to refrain from indulging into politics.

    P.S. There are many points still to be touched which I couldn't due to lack of time availability. Room for improvement remains open for those who wish to give it a try.

  4. I have attempted on " Status of women in Islam"
    dear i dedicated 25 minutes in order to draw out line. Dear members i jotted down out line on back page.
    my out lines were....
    Introduction .....
    Stutus of women before advent of Islam..
    Status of women after Islam...
    Worsship aspect of women...
    Social aspect of womem
    As a daughter.....
    As a mother....
    As a wife.....
    right of marraige....
    right of busniness
    right to get education...
    controverial issues in west...
    abt veil....
    merits of veil...
    women r preferred to stay at home
    role of leadership...
    medical veiw
    psychlogical veiw
    affects on decision making..
    during pregency
    during menstrual periods
    justified this issue
    women in west (comparison...)
    women in Hinduinism......
    Quotes of Prof. Joad...
    Quotes of Bertrand Russell...
    Conclusion ....
    Dear i justified my arguments with Aayaat, Saying of Holy Prophet(S.A.W)
    n with saying of renowed western scholars...
    Senior n qualified members r requested to comment on these out lines.

  5. In addition to all you wrote, one could give reasons of the West's misunderstandings (which in my idea include the improper implementation of Islamic rules & principles regarding women rights by the Muslim states and also misinterpretation of the whole Islamic picture of women by few Muslim fanatics). Also it would have been appropriate to discuss the Islmaic view on issues like:
    - a woman’s share of the inherited wealth
    - polygamy
    - women witness etc

    Also, drawing outline on back sheet does not matter, I suppose, and many people do that.

  6. mine was on "pakistan's war on terror" and socio ......impact on pakistan.

    actually i dont remeber the exact sequence of my outline, but i'll quote as much as i remember.

    -what is terrorism?
    historical background (with special references to the research material i had studied)
    -perspectives of terrorism.
    terrorist groups.
    AL-QAEDA AND TALIBAN (as special concern to pakistan)
    -pakistan's involvement.
    taliban's stretch to different parts of pkaistan.
    influences on taliban
    *afghan talib
    -moral and financial suppport given to taliban by whom?
    *afghanistan's drug supply to the whole globe.
    *indian factor to destabilise pakistan.
    *arab imperialism
    * alleged isi

    -goals and objectives of taliban
    *talibanization (their menifesto)

    -impact on pakistan.
    *pro-taliban factor
    *anti taliban factor


  7. I have attempted the essay"Pakistan's war on terror and its psycho, politio,socio and economic fronts"


    what is war on terror?
    Why Pakistan is involved?
    Pakistan's role in the war.


    Psychological front:

    War phobia
    Constant tensions for people
    Psychological issues particularly in affected areas
    Chances of higher Psycho diseases
    Women and childrens are suffering more

    Political front:

    Political instability in country
    Emergence of new faces in politics like Sufi Muhammad
    Politicians are just busy in dialogues and personal attacks
    Politicians are using this war to win public pool only
    Every govt. is carrying on this war to win America's favors
    All efforts are focused at war while other welfare projects
    are lacking behind.


    Impact on people of war affected areas.
    Forced migration.
    Social problems are increasing in the country.
    These migrated people are affecting the social life of other
    War impact on life style of general public.

    Economic impacts:

    Loss of MNC's business
    Poor condition of stock markets
    Absence of local investors
    Decreasing rate of economic growth
    Business in affected areas is totally dead.
    Loss of foreign exchange through tourism
    Export is decreasing( as developed countries are turning
    towards India and other countries)
    Devaluation of currency
    Increasing inflation and cost of production
    Rehabiliation of these people is extra burdon on economy.


  8. dear raz, all these three topics in which u are confused, i think contain same material by which one can discuss/illustrate the topic. few sentences will be rearranged during discussion other wise if u take terrorism than there u have discuss imapcts on world/people/etc, reasons, causes ,effects,wars, wot concerned parties are doing, so i think thses three are same.....litlle bit difference and that depends upon the mental and analytical approach and by which one can take the topic, illustrate it and than conclusion ...i have already said few senteces will be arranged ...not much ramsha and ruby have disscussed their outlines so any of these three topics can be discussed by these outlines.

    This is where we commit blunders by taking topics easy without differentiating within the essence of topic. Tell me one thing: Why do candidates fail in the Essay paper when they prepare for years? and they have studied these topics, they have material in their notes, books, and laptops.
    Problem erupts when they do not understand the topic. They just focus on the "Key Words" in the topic and start writing without any prudent sense. They start writing at once because they have been familiar with these key words like here "Terrorism". They can save their career by focusing on the complete topic as a whole "with its connecting words and punctuations".
    "War on terrorism" and "Terrorism and its implications" are two different concepts and require different approach to attempt. We need to approach from two different routes to discuss on these two different topics.
    If we adopt wrong route then we may arrive at our destination but with great delay and blunders (In this way we are wasting our limited time which could be utilized on the exact route, and we are irritating the examiner)
    If we adopt right direction in the beginning of the essay we will be having focused direction and won't deviate from the right route. We can produce maximum relevant points, and gain more marks, besides getting examiner's consent.

    “It was not my confusion which compelled me to highlight this issue in my previous post rather it was a method of positive criticism for the correction of aspirant's errors" {Latent message of my previous post}

  9. I already posted my outlines of essay on “Status of women in Islam” . But my previous outlines were incomplete , it is owing to that some issues were left. Now I have recalled my memory. These are exactly outlines that I drew in essay paper.

    Introduction .....

    Status of women before advent of Islam..
    Status of women after Islam...
    Worship aspect of women...
    Social aspect of women
    As a daughter.....
    As a mother....
    As a wife.....
    Right of marriage ...
    Right of inheritance
    Right of business
    Right to get education...
    Controversial issues in west...
    about veil....
    merits of veil...
    women r preferred to stay at home
    Polygamy in Islam is aim to eradicate social ills and evils from society
    Quote Prof. Joad
    Role of leadership...
    Medical view
    Psychological view
    affects on decision making..
    during pregnancy
    during menstrual periods
    justified this issue
    women in west (comparison...)
    women in Hinduisim .....
    Quotes of Prof. Joad...
    Quotes of Bertrand Russell...
    Islam as misunderstood in West
    Quote George Bernard Shaw
    The most authentic sources are the Holy Quran (Scripture) and Hadiths
    Malpractice of Islam in Muslim States
    That cause to malign Islam
    Conclusion ....
    Dear i justified my arguments with Aayaat, Saying of Holy Prophet(S.A.W)
    and with saying of renowned western scholars...

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  11. hy frnds...i m quite new on ds forum ,i read outlines of essays bt very astonished dt a css candidate wuld lyk such absurd type of outlines....oooohhh...thts d reason y a number of candidates r unabl to qualify eng essay papr.....

  12. here i wana improve ur shortcmngs esp. kiran..... frstly,ur outline shouldnt b more dn 10 to 12 sentences... outline means a brief description...unfortuntlyy,u people are gvng a lot of length...2ndly,use extremely simmmple need to show urslf an american or britainnn.... i hv got 82 marks....reason,,,,i used simple n plain wods.... NAWAZISH,0312 5198757,KARACHI.